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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 5, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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in the way of rain but we will have cold air and some rain. if you are away from the coast, just not as nice as it was. mostly sunny because there is some fog regrouping on the coast. upper 60s, lower 70s, inland. >> tara? >> just call me sally, that works. thanks, receive steve. we do want to mention we have some heavy fog, it is limiting visibility so be aware of that. next, highway 4 through bay point, the westbound portion of your screen, as you drive towards concord looking good. traffic is flowing nicely both directions, not a whole lot of folks out there just yet, it is shaping up to be a good morning so far. 4:30 let's head back to pam. thousands of students are
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expecting to descend for a protest to education cuts. paul chambers joins us where students will be bound for sacramento. >> reporter: not right now but within the next few minutes students will be heading to the state capital. as we look at some video, they will begin joining these people who began a four day walk, us thats will hit them voices be heard. it is to demand that the government stop the education costs. they would like them to make the one percent offset that cost passed on it students and want the millionaires tax legislation to be passed. lieutenant governor gavin is expected to be one of the speakers and we will be out
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here when students arrive and talk to them. we'll see you live again at 5:00 and hopefully we will have more people here and of course bring that to you. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. in overnight news, a high- speed chase ended with the suspect's car facing oncoming traffic. the carjacking happened 2:00 this morning. then the car headed north in the southbound lanes and suspects made a run for it but they caught up with them and recover add backpack filled with stolen items. late last night they found the 14-year-old oakland girl -- oakland girl who had been gone for several days. they located a 15-year-old from
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their city. no word on how they were found but they were both upon to have serious medical problems. i am trying to find out if shootings just blocks from each other, the second shooting happened early yesterday morning. now berkeley police sad in that shooting, they are calling it a driveby. sick lar to the same, somebody opened fire and hit three young men. >> we had six kids and we have not heard anything a mayor 0 council member, nothing, where are they at? >> all victims are expected to be okay. patrols have increased after dozens of tigers were
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slashinged. they received a call and 51 cars between two people. they are asking people to report any suspicious activity. time right now, perez is here after a giving the opening address with washington d.c. after that he is visiting the a research center, and he will be in the area thursday to see who has invested early in his start ups, other than we are less than nine people but we are here to strengthen that
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connection. >> president perez will give his speech attempt spell emanuel, and mayor ed lee is scheduled to attend. mean president barack obama will -- meantime president barack obama will meet with bennett and it hue. -- benjamin netanyahu. >> already, there is too much talk of war. in the last few weeks, it has only helped the iranian government by driving up the price of war to fun their nuclear program. >> but they also told them no would bees are on the table to
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defend them from building a nuclear reaction. they are calling on president barack obama's push to reject car on iran. they will stay away until the conference ends tomorrow. you still thety crews, 39 people are now dead. the winds was clocked up to 175 miles per hour. school is canceled for the entire week. high schools sustained heavy damage. cool pluses buses -- school buses were from the ended. >> it has my risk, we are looking for my class ridge but i don't know if it is a here.
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>> with the phone lines down people have turned to social media. at least 42 tornadoes touchdown across 10 states often a toddler. 15 month oil angel her grandmother said angel is now reunited with her parents. we have more on the deadly tornadoes, just click on the deadly weather tab on 4:37, is the case and the trial continues with sheriff
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ross mirkarimi. also today a judge will continue his closed session, the judge will determine if eliana lopez will testify in the trial. braunstein could also be called as a witness. the neighbor who caused against sheriff ross mirkarimi first called braunstein to tell him what happened. state lawmakers are stepping into the fight over the pension. now lawmakers plan on holding a press conference where they will announce an audit of the city's finances. unions have accused mayor council read. he goes to court today, we will consider whether it is a
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proved. they say voters were never told the city would take $850 million in loans. they should not have to vote on an issue they already approved. well injured giants fan bryan stow is no longer in the hospital. coming up in ten minutes, where he was been moved and why. >> all right, 4:39, a bit foggy along the coast. the traffic lights are difficult to see and then we have visibility limbed to 200 feet. it looks like somebody may have gone off the road.
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at the bay bridge told plaza, down to the story, traffic is moving well in both directions, let's check in with steve. we have a little bit of fog snaking its way in, and by that temperatures in and still upper 30s and there could be some light lane in the north bay but tuesday night temperatures come back to the north. high high pressure says we will give more of that womenly breeze, a lot of miss 30s and
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again it will move east today is the fog of the coach, it is not as nice as the weekend. warm inland, 60s to lower 70s and our cool trend will begin. mostly sunny, it will be a little cooler, upper 60s, we'll see possible rain on tuesday, not much, we start to rebound and it looks quiet to the up coming weekend. . republican presidential candidates are fearing up for souper student day, which should they focus and plus,
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. a san francisco man is facing charges after crashing his suv into the bay. he was doing donuts near fort mason at 3:00 a.m. yesterday morning when he crashed into the bay. three teens were with him but nobody was hurt. he was arrested for child endangerment, reckless driving and driving without a loy sense. >> police found the man near 8th street. investigators say the man had been shot several times then run over by the suspect's vehicle. the victim's name has not been released but the man lived in the area. a man is accused of killing a pleasanton teenager.
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she police said -- police say she was stabbed to death. they announced the arrest of a former classmate and investigators say new dna testing links him to the crime and he could enter a plea today. an oakland teen who is accused of kiss his parents, they are charging moses cayman as an adult. he confessed to strangling his mother and father inside their home in january. the teen then put his parents inside the car and tried to set it on fire. 4:46 now is the time of the jury selection related to the virginia tech campus. a gunman killed 32 people and then turned the gun on himself.
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the wrongful death lawsuit was filed by two of the victims and they say they waited too long before alerting students after the first shootings on the campus. in elections they are criss- crossing making appearances to start the primary elections. >> we are doing as well as anybody and in all of these races, we are either first or second in most of the states and i think that will be a food super tuesday for us >> mitt romney was also in tennessee in a rally in knoxville. >> what i want to do is not to transform america into something we won recognize, but i want to restore to america the values and principals that made us the greatist in the history of the earth. >> now he pushed his
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libertarian reform and he wants to focus on his home in st. georgia. in just hours, vice- president joseph biden will meet him in mexico city and vice-president joseph biden will hold a series of meetings with three major candidates who are battling to become the next president. next month, period by with moot with seven tied to the drug cartels. the labor numbers are out this week and we will show you the biggest numbers in nearly a year. that seem to be the trade. employees are working more hours even during what is usually the slowest period for
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sales. a psychology says it is a trend that feeds on it self. that means more spending which you willly hiring -- ultimately hiring more. it includes the wages and salaries of the people on the payroll. injured san francisco and if bryan stow has a new home. they moved him to a new unidentified rehabilitation facility with more aggressive therapy which will help him become as independent as possible. the difference is causing him to lose sleep and appetite. he also had surgery on both achilles tendon to help him stand up. and in a hearing for the
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los angeles dodgers, they are proposing he should come forward if he does not have am of that. they site 50 million they are a caused of attacking snow outside the majors. they are hailing one of the greatest's guitarists. he died from application cautions from prostate cancer. he got his first break when he was asked to high all trap top low honey but it featured a young unknown singer at the time. sammy hager, it included rocket
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nation. >> you hear those notes and you know it is ronnie in that toast. it is frank end sign it and free ride. more than 2 does people are forced out of their homes after a fire. why they are now treating that fire as suspicious plus an unusual delay in a giants game, threatening the player and the fans. a
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. welcome back, many people are not allowed to go back to
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their homes after a large fire. they have been red tagged after saturday night's fire. that fire started in an empty home but spread to other buildings. neighbors have been complaining about squatters for years. nobody was hurt in the fire but 21 people are now displaced. the fire is being investigated as a possible arson. the daughter of one of the men told people what she remembers. many people are where rid and there is water seeping through the walls. coit tower has more but it does not stay at the tower. >> most of it goes to a general
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fund and they will help pay for restoring the mural and the park. they are worried the decay will hurt coit tower on a tourist destination. we have a car side ways in addition off the bodega and that's the good news. we have heavy fog limiting your visibility to 200 feet so definitely drive slower, it is about 50 on the span. san mateo is looking good. along the east shore freeway it's as foggy there as well and let's check in with steve. all right, we have a lot of shallow fog, coast and bay,
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watch out, there are some pockets working its wall around. inland should not be an issue so if the fog returns temperatures will come down and i know they were spectacular over the weekend, england we will have low 70s. 0s and 40s will be on the temperatures and by the coast it will be all right just not as nice as this weekend. i will not give -- it will not give us much in the ray rain. it is not as warm as what we had over the weekend so mostly sunny fog by the coast, cooler there, still mild inland
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temperatures upper 70s, brentwood, 59 half-moon bay after a weekend of upper 60s, big change in our pattern, there are changes brewing for the weekend but i think it will be more like early next week. pam? well they won against the arizona diamondbacks but it was after an unusual delay. play was stopped because of a swarm of bees in scottsdale. two sections of fans used a mixture of cotton can't day and lent mop that i hadment the game was delayed for 41 minutes. why israel's president is making a special trip to
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silicone and they want students to hear this loud and clear.
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